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Hyundai Sonata PREMIUM Price Australia
2020 Hyundai Sonata PREMIUM
5 Seat 4 Door Sedan
Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
8 Speed Automatic
4 cylinder 2L Turbo Petrol
Hyundai Sonata ACTIVE Price Australia
2020 Hyundai Sonata ACTIVE
5 Seat 4 Door Sedan
Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
6 Speed Automatic
4 cylinder 2.4L Petrol

In Brief...

Hyundai Sonata In a segment where the Mazda 6 and Toyota Camry have had a stranglehold over the sales charts, the Hyundai Sonata has been an unspoken rising star. It’s laden with flashy looks, a wealth of equipment and lots of room, but neither the Active or Premium variants are overly demanding as far as pricing goes. That is, with respect to the sheer scope of the ensemble available for either version. Upgrading to the Premium delivers eight-speed automatic transmission and a more dominant (turbo) motor, not to mention a slew of extras that span far and wide. Don’t forget either, the base model is already overflowing with great features, so this speaks volumes to the extent of value here. Occupants are afforded copious space, vision, amenity and practical storage, which really, is more than you could possibly ask for. If your new car search hasn’t involved you going out of your way to put the Hyundai Sonata through its paces, then you’re definitely missing a trick or two.

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