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About Price My Car

PriceMyCar was founded in 2018 with the aims of increasing transparency and fair competition in the Australian automotive industry. See Media.

The Problem

New car buyers have long been frustrated by the lack of information readily available when it comes to pricing – even in 2019, the usual way to work out a deal involves spending hours physically visiting the car dealerships and playing a cat-and-mouse, haggle game with the salespeople.

Flights, electronics, houses, insurance, accommodation…. Pretty much any other product or service can be researched online to find a ballpark price but when it comes to cars, you’ll only ever see RRPs (and who pays full price for a new car?).

The car industry (particularly the manufacturers) deliberately try to restrict this - forcing customers to spend their weekends visiting flashy dealerships just to get an initial idea of what value is out there.

This inefficiency not only hurts the consumer but also the car dealerships. With the OEMs prohibiting them from advertising discounted prices and threatening to pull their franchises if they don’t sell their products in the ‘approved’ manner, the car dealers suffer too.

The Solution

PMC reduces this first step to a matter of minutes. Register online, choose a make, model and variant and you’ll instantly get an idea of what others have paid over the last 6 months. Plus, you’ll see aggregated reviews, manufacturer specials, resale values… all in the same place for easy comparison.

This means you can draw up your shortlist, assess your budget and have an idea of value before you even pick up the phone to talk to a dealer.


We get our pricing data (currently 657,425 records) from 3 main areas. We purchase some from fleet companies who work through hundreds of quotes a week. Some is publicly available and we aggregate that and match it into our database. The last and most important data is user submitted.

We encourage our members (and the general public alike) to submit recent new car pricing into our database to help build the value for future car buyers. This crowdsourced data means we’re able to bypass the restrictions the dealers are subject to with the latest real-time data. Aussies helping Aussies to get a better deal.


Does all this transparency put pressure on prices and hurt an already struggling car industry? Emphatically no! No one ever, ever, pays full price for a new vehicle anymore so by informing our members, we’re cutting to the chase when it comes to negotiation and injecting a huge amount of efficiency into what’s long been a cumbersome process for both parties.

What’s more, we’re believers in service and relationships when it comes to working the finer details and so we encourage our members to contact the dealer directly to discuss options. Blind tenders, online auctions and negotiating over ‘chat’ can only go so far and often ends in tears or needlessly complicating the process. We encourage our members to register, become informed and empowered then complete the process directly with a local dealer, whether through our volume- focussed introduction service or, indeed, independently.

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