New Car Delivery Date Estimator

Longest Wait Times (Brands)

Land Rover 298 days
Isuzu 258 days
Toyota 205 days
Volkswagen 205 days
Kia 190 days
Peugeot 156 days
Audi 147 days
Jeep 139 days

Longest Wait Times (Models)

Land Rover Defender 357 days
Toyota RAV4 274 days
Volkswagen Multivan 271 days
Isuzu MU-X 270 days
Volkswagen Transporter 267 days
Kia Sorento 263 days
Volkswagen Passat 251 days
Ford Mustang 236 days

By State

Western Australia 215 days
Northern Territory 180 days
Victoria 144 days
New South Wales 140 days
Queensland 140 days
Tasmania 136 days
South Australia 133 days
Australian Capital Territory 115 days

Shortest Wait Times (Brands)

Renault 20 days
ŠKODA 40 days
Suzuki 54 days
Honda 55 days
M.G. 64 days
GWM 70 days
LDV 73 days
Mazda 73 days

Shortest Wait Times (Models)

Renault Koleos 25 days
LDV D90 35 days
Hyundai STARIA 36 days
Mazda CX-8 45 days
Audi Q5 50 days
BMW X1 54 days
Mazda 2 57 days
M.G. 3 59 days

By Body Type

Van 178 days
Convertible 168 days
Hatch 142 days
Suv 127 days
Coupe 103 days
Ute 86 days
Sedan 77 days
Roadster 0 days

Improving Supplies †‡

Renault Wait Times Down By 67%
Suzuki Wait Times Down By 39%
Volvo Wait Times Down By 14%
Mercedes-amg Wait Times Down By 13%
Mercedes-Benz Wait Times Down By 13%
Kia Wait Times Down By 6%
Nissan Wait Times Down By 2%

Increasing Delays †‡

Peugeot Wait Times Up By 24%
Jaguar Wait Times Up By 19%
Land Rover Wait Times Up By 19%
Ford Wait Times Up By 15%
MINI Wait Times Up By 14%
Mitsubishi Wait Times Up By 13%
Subaru Wait Times Up By 11%
Jeep Wait Times Up By 11%
new car delivery dates

In 2022, Australian new car delays have hit historic highs largely due to COVID-related factors. Like other industries, vehicle production as been hit by factory closures and logistics problems but in addition a global supply shortage of semiconductor computer chips has caused huge production delays around the world. At the same time, COVID uncertainty has done anything but dampen consumer demand as Australians pour their disposable income into new vehicles.

This summary of waiting times and new car delivery dates has been put together using real data from 37,690 new car quotes and orders since January 2019. Note that the data is based on the date/month that the quote/order was written and so figures may change as ETAs are updated by dealers and manufacturers. These delivery date estimations should be considered as a guide only!

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