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Chrysler 300 SRT PACER Price Australia

2021 Chrysler 300 SRT PACER

5 Seat 4 Door Sedan
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
8 Speed Automatic
6 cylinder 6.4L Petrol
Chrysler 300 SRT Price Australia

2021 Chrysler 300 SRT

5 Seat 4 Door Sedan
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
8 Speed Automatic
6 cylinder 6.4L Petrol
Chrysler 300 SRT CORE Price Australia

2021 Chrysler 300 SRT CORE

5 Seat 4 Door Sedan
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
8 Speed Automatic
6 cylinder 6.4L Petrol
Chrysler 300 C LUXURY Price Australia

2021 Chrysler 300 C LUXURY

5 Seat 4 Door Sedan
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
8 Speed Automatic
6 cylinder 3.6L Petrol

Chrysler 300 Specifications

  • Chrysler 300 Details

    Price Ranges from $ 59,950.00 to $77,450.00
    Body Style Sedan
    Release Date From December 2015 to February 2020
    Drive Type RWD
    VIN Plate Location Driver Side Front Wheel Arch
    Compliance Plate Location Lower Pass Side Centre Pillar
    Safety ANCAP Rating 0
    Number of Doors 4
    Seating Capacity 5
  • Chrysler 300 Engine Specifications

    Size From 3604cc (3.6L) to 6417cc (6.4L)
    Power 350kW @ 6100rpm / 350kW @ 6150rpm / 210kW @ 6350rpm
    Torque 637Nm @ 4150rpm / 637Nm @ 4250rpm / 340Nm @ 4650rpm / 340Nm @ 4300rpm
    Cylinders 6
    Number of Valves From 16 to 32
    Compression Ratio From 10.20 to 109.00
    Bore/stroke 96.00x83.00 / 103.90x94.50 / 96.00x83.10
  • Chrysler 300 Drivetrain and Wheels

    Transmission Automatic
    Drive Type RWD
    Turning Circle 11.50
    Brake (Front) Type DISC - VENTILATED
    Brake (Rear) Type DISC - VENTILATED
    Front Tyre & Wheel Size 245/45 ZR20 - 9.0Jx20 | 245/45 R20 - 9x20 | 245/45 ZR20 - 9Jx20 | 245/45 R20 - 8.0x20 | 245/45 ZR20 - 8Jx20
    Rear Tyre & Wheel Size 245/45 ZR20 - 9.0Jx20 | 245/45 R20 - 9x20 | 245/45 ZR20 - 9Jx20 | 245/45 R20 - 8.0x20 | 245/45 ZR20 - 8Jx20
    Front Suspension Type DWB / CS / GD / ARB / IndSLA / GSA / Stabiliser bar / UAA
    Rear Suspension Type MLS / CS / GD / ARB / 5L / Ind / GSA / Stabiliser bar / ISC
  • Chrysler 300 Fuel Specifications

    Fuel Type Petrol
    Fuel Tank Capacity From 70.0L to 72.3L
    Fuel Consumption Combined (Average) From 3.6L/100km to 6.5L/100km
    Fuel Consumption City (Average) From 7.2L/100km to 13.0L/100km
    Fuel Consumption Highway (Average) -
    Emission Standard -
  • Chrysler 300 Dimensions

    Length From 5,066mm to 5,089mm
    Width From 70mm to 72mm
    Height From 1,478mm to 1,492mm
    Wheelbase 3,052mm
    Front Track From 1,621mm to 1,623mm
    Rear Track From 1,639mm to 1,641mm
    Ground Clearance From 122mm to 140mm
    Gross Vehicle Mass From 2,359kg to 2,427kg
    Gross Combination Mass From 0kg to 3,978kg
  • Chrysler 300 Towing Capacity

    Braked Towing Capacity From 0kg to 1,724kg
    Unbraked Towing Capacity From 0kg to 750kg

In Brief...

Chrysler 300 One of the most distinctive looking cars around, the Chrysler 300 stands out as a menacing and serious large-size sedan. With its low ride height, striking oversized alloy wheels, imposing front grille, confronting edges and sweeping body length, the model wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood film. Three main variants are on offer, with a far-reaching set of standard inclusions across the range including memory seating, keyless proximity operation, automatic headlights, cruise control, seven airbags, electronic stability control and more. But there is one thing the Chrysler 300 is known for. Raw power. Choose between a 3.6L, V6 engine in the C Luxury variant, or, a 6.4L, V8 in the SRT and SRT Core. It’s safe to say that both engines are focused on performance over fuel economy, so the result is a searing and ferocious level of power that makes it seriously quick. The cabin has more room than the likes of many SUVs on the market, so if you’re worried about taking friends or family about, Chrysler has got you covered. Now priding itself with a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission, the Chrysler 300 is a well-priced performance sedan that is not for the faint hearted.
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There are few cars out there that makes less sense than the new Chrysler 300 SRT. But, with a burbling V8 and bucketloads of power, we absolutely love it!

The Chrysler 300 SRT may be a 282km/h weapon but it's still a big and comfy cruiser. Priced at $75,000 the American street machine lopes along with a languid gait, the big, welcoming leather seats, premium stereo and cooled cup-holders making it a lounge room on 20-inch wheels. Unlike the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon and diplodocus, it's not yet extinct eit...

Back in the 1960s and '70s the competition in the Australian family car market was dominated by the so-called Big Three. Always given in the order 'Holden, Falcon and Valiant', the big six-cylinder and V8 cars dominated the local market and put on a right royal battle. Chrysler Valiant fell by the wayside in 1980 when the company was taken over by Mitsubishi...

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