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New Car Pricing Transparency

Before making any purchase, one of the first thinsg to consider is the cost.  What will I need to pay?  Or more precisely what's the least I need to pay - what's a good deal?

For almost all industries, this information can be quickly gleaned using the internet.

For household products you might look at Ebay, Google Shopping or Amazon. Choose the product and you'll see a range of prices from different sellers.

For financial services there are dozens of comparison websites like Compare the Market, Canstar or Mozo etc.

Travel?  Heaps of options here - Skyscanner for your flights, Tripadvisor for your hotel and Expedia for your car hire.

Real estate?  Little bit different as all properties are unique but there are plenty of sources with previous sales history, average street prices etc to help guide you.

Used cars?  Hop on Carsales or Drive, filter your make/model/variant/year atc and you'll quickly pull up a list of comparable vehicles to get an idea of the market.

New cars.  Hmmm... no, not quite.  Car manufacturer websites list RRPs or driveaway specials and then direct visitors to contact the dealer directly.  The dealer websites show the same - driveaway specials or list prices.  Classifieds sites where they list new cars again, just seem to show full retail prices.

But no one pays full retail these days do they, especially for a car!

That's what this site is all about.  We leverage the power of crowdsourcing and our relationships with automotive companies to try and bring Australians actual pricing data for new cars.

Not what the retail price is or the current special, but what people actually pay.  We'll show you what a good price looks like before you even pick up the phone to speak to a dealer.

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