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Improving Your Fuel Economy

Fuel costs are one of the biggest things that motorists need to worry about once they take ownership of a new car.

Sure, today motorists have the choice of electric vehicles, however, as we've covered previously, in no way are these types of vehicles particularly 'affordable' as yet. At the end of the day, a full tank of fuel each week starts to hit the hip pocket, about as much as any other cost associated with owning a vehicle.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a few ways you can go about improving your fuel economy.

Don't let your maintenance schedule slip!

Ensuring that your tyres are at the optimal pressure will help minimise unnecessary fuel usage. But beyond that, when you take your car in for its regular maintenance, you are proactively getting on top of any potential issues before they might arise. This means that you're avoiding a worst-case scenario where you might have issues such as oil leaks or the like, which have the potential to hamper fuel efficiency.

Keep it steady

Heavy accelerating and braking is one of the most wasteful things you can do if you're trying to conserve fuel. On top of that, repeat and regular short trips also has the potential to churn through your fuel at a rate of knots. If you want to stretch every bit of fuel in the tank, keep it steady when it comes to graduating between the accelerator and the brake. What's more, if you're a manual driver, make sure you get those shift changes spot on, otherwise you'll be straining the engine and chewing through more fuel.


Shed those extra kilos

No, not you! However, the greater the mass on the road, the greater the drag. This means that the engine has to work slightly harder in generating more force to keep the car going. What does that mean? In simple terms, it means you will use more fuel. Have a look in the boot. Anything in there that you don't particularly need? You'd be surprised what some people carry with them when they'll never need it. So think about ditching anything bulky to keep that road mass down.

Look at an upgrade

One of the defining trends in recent times has been the marked improvement in fuel efficiency for the latest vehicles on the market. Even those offering greater power than yesteryear are equipped with the latest fuel-saving technology, or designed to consume less fuel thanks to a lighter chassis or the like. If that's not enough, stop-start engines also plays a role in keeping things thrifty. So if you want to improve your fuel economy, take a look at what else is on the market - it might just pay for itself!


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