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Honda Odyssey VTi-L Price Australia

2020/2021 Honda Odyssey VTi-L

7 Seat 4 Door Wagon (SUV)
Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Continuous Variable
4 cylinder 2.4L Petrol
Honda Odyssey VTi Price Australia

2020/2021 Honda Odyssey VTi

8 Seat 4 Door Wagon (SUV)
Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Continuous Variable
4 cylinder 2.4L Petrol

In Brief...

Honda Odyssey People movers are back in vogue, so where do you turn to when every manufacturer wants to get in on the trend? Well, some might point to the Hyundai iMax or Kia Carnival, both of which are fantastic cars, but there’s a case for the Honda Odyssey to be first cab off the rank. Although it’s very much a large-size people mover, body styling is reminiscent of a wagon, so it looks much more suave than the VW Multivan, LDV G10 and arguably the Kia and Hyundai offerings as well. Some of the areas that bring down other large family vehicles, like rear-seat ventilation, fuel consumption, driver’s field of vision and safety inclusions, are non-issues here. It’s clear each area has been of particular focus to the Honda team, not to mention the optimisation of space has created sweeping room for the seven (VTi-L) or eight (VTi) occupants. While the premium VTi-L has capacity for one less occupant, it makes up for this with a sunroof, tri-zonal air-con, LED lights, sat-nav, keyless operation, 1 tonne towing capacity, flexible second-row seating and adjustable front seats that are fitted with leather and heating. More importantly, the upgrade brings with it numerous safety aids such as forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring and Honda’s equivalent of AEB. By way of its out-and-out complete offering, the Honda Odyssey is a standout people mover.
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    Excellent speedy service and I would recommend price my car - David and his team steered me in the right direction and AMH Moruya were absolutely amazing and I am now the proud owner of a Kia Seltos

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    Brilliant service that saved me hours of time and frustration. The answers i was looking for were instantaneous. My husband, who thinks he is a big shot car expert challenged me to see who got closest to the actual price of a bunch of different cars and he won. I liked the fact that i could compare a couple I had in mind.

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    Came across this site on computer. Was in the market for a new car , so decided to fill in details to see what evolved. Already had one price from local dealer and an estimate for trade in. Was contacted by a dealer more than 100 kilometres away, offering almost $10,000 less than first offer, also offered $2,000 more for trade in. Result, a brand new car in the driveway. Also received $100 voucher for fuel. Will and have recommended this site to others.

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    Pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to buy a new car through this site. Firstly it was easy to compare the make, model, and features of cars on their website. Obtaining a quote was very straightforward and the price was favourable. We saved $$$$’s in the purchase price. The collection of the car was mildly challenging having to brave the city traffic. The transaction was straightforward. The only improvement would be to the provision of better instruction on the features of the car on handover. We have received the fuel voucher which is an added bonus. If we ever had the opportunity to purchase a new car again, I doubt that we would do so through a car dealer but would definitely approach this car broker again.

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    Never expected to buy my new car via an online enquiry . But, it works so well. I probably expected to use it as a starting point to visiting dealers and subjecting myself to their hard sell. However, when the dealers tell you they can't match the price and 'if it is genuine you should grab it' it is a game changer. Best price and so easy l would highly recommend that all new car buyers give Price my car a try. Thank you!

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