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BMW i8 PHEV Price Australia
2020 BMW i8 PHEV
4 Seat 2 Door Coupe | 2 Seat 2 Door Roadster
All Wheel Drive (AWD)
6 Speed Automatic
3 cylinder 1.5L Turbo Petrol

In Brief...

BMW i8 If ever there was a car that signals what our automotive future could look like, BMW has surely raised its hand with the i8. This electric vehicle is akin to a concept car, not just because of its innovative and visionary design, but some of the most advanced levels of technology and features on the market. Special to the BMW i8 is its cross hybrid drivetrains. Electricity powers the front wheels, while a three-cylinder 170kW turbo engine gets the rear wheels going. Elsewhere, you have an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium frame with a low centre of gravity - making for an agile unit that is extraordinarily responsive yet easy to handle. Fortunately, there is plenty of stopping power from the wieldy brakes to keep control over that lightning fast acceleration. If the enthralling sound of the blended power sources don’t ignite your senses, then the cabin, in every sense a driver’s cockpit, is like a utopian world of indulgence. While running on pure electric entails a limited driving range, brake forces are regenerated into additional battery charge so that you have added distance and convenience at your side. An ultimate driving revolution has arrived and the BMW i8 is leading the way.

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