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New Year, New Car?

While the end of financial year is often known for being a great time to pick up a new car, it's not the only occasion that bargain hunters should have marked down in their calendars. After all, the new year brings with it a great opportunity for the astute shopper.

That extra attention

It's no secret that this time of year isn't quite a run-out period for dealerships. Many new car buyers have gone away on holidays - well, at least when we were allowed to travel - while others have prioritised other family matters or contending with paying down the credit card from the holiday season splurge. 

All this means that dealers are in a mood to have some business come their way. If you walk through the doors of a showroom, expect to receive more attention than you normally might, with sales staff only too keen to help out.

A flip of the calendar

Adding to the fold is the matter than with a change in year, that stock sitting on the showroom floor a week ago is effectively last year's model now.

There might be minimal if any difference, heck, the new variant for the year might not even arrive until sometime down the track, but as far as value in the eyes of the market goes, that car is a tad less desirable right now and that means it's lost a little more value.

With this, you have an opportunity to pick up a car that is still brand new for all intents and purposes, but with the prospect of some decent discounting on account of your ability to negotiate yourself a good deal.


Rates low

If there is one thing playing out in favour of buyers lately, it is the ability to source cheap finance. The reality is, most of us require some sort of loan to purchase a car. Few have the sort of cash to drop at will on a new car that will depreciate in value as soon as it leaves the showroom.

With RBA interest rates recently slashed to a record low of 0.1%, and comments from the central bank suggesting that such rates are likely to remain low for a long while yet, there is no shortage of competition in the finance market. Numerous lenders have been tightening their offers, so drivers have an advantageous time to make the most of the low interest rate world.


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